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Society Training

Sign Up: Primary Event Organizer Training (Risk Management & Space Booking)


This is a mandatory training session that each society must send a representitive to every year.  In this session you will learn where and how you can book space on campus and many of the rules and regulations associated with organizing events. We will review various student union and university policies and guidelines with a focus on key risk areas of Alcohol, Food, Travel, Community Relations, Anti-Oppression Practices and Physical Activity. Once you have completed this training, and been ratified, your society will be approved to book space on campus for the full ratification year (April 1 - March 31st)

Sign Up: Treasurer Training


This is a mandatory session for faculty level and levy societies, however, it is open to any society that needs help with their financial book keeping, bank reconciliation, etc. Information about the requirements for audits will be provided.

Sign Up: Society App-erations Training: Outreach & Promotion


In a post-Tiger Society DSU, outreaching to members is still very important, but how is it done? Come and learn about how to use the DSU App to outreach to and connect with members. Some great features include: promoting events (facebook events can be imported!), learning administrative capabilities of society profiles on the App, creating and updating membership lists for societies, sending push notifications to members, and more! This will also be a time to chat about society operations, what forms you need to submit and how run your society successfully.

Sign Up: Roberts Rules & Policy Review Training 


This workshop deals with the logistical ins and outs of society procedures: how to conduct meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules, how to explain and inform Roberts Rules to members, how to abide by constitutions and DSU policies, how to change your society’s constitution when necessary and more!

Sign Up: Planning Equitable, Accessible & Sustainable Society Activities Training


Have you ever wondered how to make your societies’ activities more equitable, accessible and inclusive for everyone? Want to know how you canmake your events more sustainable? We will be talking about inclusivity within society activities, go through aspects of making events more accessible to people, and breaking down hierarchies within organizational structures. DSUSO will be joining the conversation with information about what resources are available on campus to help make your events more earth friendly!  If you have any specific questions or comments you would like to be addressed, please reach out in advance to