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Saturday September 1st

Move In: The first steps into your new home at Dal! Unpack, get set up, and get settled into your room before heading off on your next mission. (9:00am)

Field Party: Join us in the Quad for an exciting welcome to Dal! There will be dance offs, music, huge inflatable slides and so much more. There will also be a BBQ, snow-cones and lots of snacks to keep you from getting too hungry while you’re enjoying all the fun! Head out to Dalympics to start gaining points for your house. If you need to cool down, there will a splash zone and lots of fun stations all over the Quad. (12-4pm)

Mission Briefings (Community Meetings) : Before blasting off head to your Res or The McInnes room in the SUB (for OCUS students) to have a chat with your Residence Assistants and Community Assistants. This is the time to get to know your new neighbors and learn all about life in your residence and or community. Here you’ll learn the important do’s and don’ts to make this transition easier and have some fun! (4pm)

Blast Off: Your launch into the Dalhousie Family and the beginning of your O-Week adventure! Get ready to ignite your tiger pride and earn tiger points. (7pm, Studley Quad)

Rock- it: Keep the momentum going and propel into a night of high-velocity East Coast music. Get ready to dance and sing-along to your (soon to be) favourite tunes. Bring your A game. Or B game. Featuring Nine Mile River on the mainstage. (8:30pm-10pm, Studley Quad)

Grawood Sampler: It’s like a food sampler but…. with activities! Food + trivia + open mic + sex toy bingo = an amazing time. More chill than ‘Rock-it’, stop by to fuel your evening adventures and get a taste of what programming the Grawood has on offer (8:30pm-12am, Grawood)

Space Jam: Grab a blanket and some tea to sit under the stars for a screening of the cinematic masterpiece ‘Space Jam’. It’s even better than you remembered it! Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Name a better duo. We’ll wait. (10pm-12am, Studley Quad)


Sunday, September 2nd

Planet Dal : Explore a fair of campus resources (while eating a delicious limited time only ufo shaped pancake breakfast) and then choose your favourite interactive workshops to attend plus an EXCLUSIVE tour of Dalhousie! Will you decide to learn more about “Halifax’s Hidden Treasures” or will you get some tips on how to “Ace Your First Month on Campus”? The choice is yours! (8:00am-11:30pm, McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building)

Cheer Off: Cheer so loud that you wake those sleeping aliens. Only the houses with out of this world cheers will be awarded tiger points to help them blast off into first place! We want to believe, do you? (1pm-2:30pm)

Playfair: Get to know your o-week co-pilots through an experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of before. Through a series of games, ice breakers, and secret handshakes, you’ll come together to take command of your journey. If you are looking to build momentum on creating the best crew to navigate the coming year, this is the event for you! (2:30pm-4:30pm, Dalplex)

Sex Talk: Halifax’s Venus Envy and Dalhousie team up to host this educational but out-of-this-world event! This mind blowing Sex-Ed class will leave you laughing with your questions answered. Let’s talk about sex! (7pm-8:30pm)

Follow your Dreams: Venture off and explore what our Dalexy has to offer! Check out as many activities as you like. Don’t get caught daydreaming, this is the real deal. Tonight is your chance to connect with your interests, roam campus and try out something new with your house! (8:30pm-12am, SUB and Sherriff Hall)


Monday, September 3rd

Shine Day: Shinerama is Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser involving students at almost 60 university and college campuses across Canada, aimed at raising money for cystic fibrosis research. (8:30am, Various Locations across Halifax) On September 3rd, students will go out in to the city of Halifax to raise funds for Shine day through car washes, showing their talents, and raising awareness for this great cause. This is a great opportunity to raise money, meet their future classmates, and explore Halifax!

Meteor Shower Slip and slide your way into a dreamland of water! Make sure to bring your swimsuit, things are gonna get wet! (2:30pm- 4:30pm, Studley Quad)

Dreamscaping: Big. Bold. Dreamesque. A landscaper landscapes a dreamer dreamscapes. Let your creative juices flow and your dreams take off. An event for the more creative types. Find out more at the event! (2:30pm-4:30pm, Studley Quad)

Induction: Your official welcome to the academic world of post-secondary education. Take the pledge and join the pack! Dalhousie President Dr. Richard Florizone will be there to welcome you to the Tiger Family. Free scarfs for all those who attend! (7:00pm-7:45pm & 7:45pm-8:30pm, Rebecca Cohn)

Final Countdown: Race against the clock to win last-minute points for your house! Who can keep a balloon of the ground the longest? Who can hula hoop their way to victory? Who will help their team take home the prestigious house cup? Find out at the event! (7:00pm-8:30pm, Studley Quad)

Sports Game: Primal. Exhilarating. Cathartic. We’re talking Sports. Get decked in your black and gold to come out and support your Dalhousie Tigers in what promises to be a thrilling display. With all of us there showing our stripes the stars are sure to align and illuminate our path to victory! (8:30pm, Wickwire Field)

Under the stars: In need of some chill vibes to help unwind after the hype of the rugby game? We got you! Join us on the quad for a relaxing jam session, board games, frisbee and lots of other low-key activities. The perfect opportunity to reflect on O-week and envision all the great things your first year has in store! (10pm, Studley Quad)


Tuesday, September 4th

Dalaxy: A quick look at some the societies that exist in our DAL-axy! Hang out with folks from NSPIRG, chat with the Dalhousie Medical Campus Response Team about healthy eating, take a trip to the waterfront with our friends over at the Trips by Transit society and so much more! (5:30pm-9pm, SUB)


Wednesday, September 5th

Sexy Cosmic Bingo: You aren’t dreaming. This is real life. You read correctly. This is your chance to grab some pals and get your bingo on like you haven’t done before. The ambiance is steamy, and the prizes are scandalous. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo, but then again, we don’t know your grandma. (8:00pm, SUB)

A Star is Born - Breath’ your lungs out and lip sync your way to stardom! We’re looking for the biggest talent at faking it till they make it. Think you’ve got what it takes, then  this is your shot. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars! (9:00pm, SUB)


Thursday, September 6th

Mind over Matter: - University is all about what you know and this event will test your general knowledge like no exam ever could. Join us a for a night of trivia, witty puns, and prizes! After all what matters is on your mind and your mind is what matters. (9pm, SUB)  

Sports Night: Come find an intramural team and play ball! Or hockey. Or Something. Whether you want to be the very best or just shoot some hoops with your friends, there’s something for everyone!


Friday, September 7th

Sexton Fall Fest: Free food? Yes please! Join us down at sexton for a welcome back BBQ and free McFlurry’s brought to you by McDonalds! (3:30pm-6pm, Sexton Campus, T-room Patio)

BIPOCUS Presents - Dreaming in Colour: BIPOCUS Presents: Dreaming in Colour is a showcase of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) excellence. Hosted by the Dalhousie Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Caucus (BIPOCUS), we are carving out space for BIPOC artists, performers and local vendors to be included in DSU O-Week line-up. We understand the importance of making and giving space for local BIPOC talent and are super excited to invite everyone to witness our communities' gloriousness. (6:00pm-10pm, Studley Quad)