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O-Week to O-Year

O-Week to O-Year

We’d like to welcome all our students, both returning and incoming, so we're hosting programming every night for the first week that is open to ALL students! All nights are choose-your-own-adventure style, so feel free to drop in and out of multiple events.

All events listed are 100% dry (NO alcohol)


Tuesday, September 5th


Come and watch a marathon of the beloved and highly revered Shrek films. Sit back and relax as we screen the series from its humble begging’s to its emergence as sensational pop culture phenomenon. Free popcorn and snow (swamp) cones for all!

Location: McInnis Room

Time: 8pm -11pm


Wednesday, September 6th

Intermural Sampler

For those of you wanting to get active at Dal, we have lots of intramural options. This event is your chance to get a taste of all the intramural sports available on campus (and sign up).

Location: UPDATE: Dalplex

Time: 7:30pm – 10pm


Cosmic Bingo


Location: Council Chambers

Time: 8-10pm


Thursday, September 7th

Board Game Night at the International Centre

Join some friends from around the world to play a wide variety of different games! Games are provided but if you have a favourite feel free to bring it along!

Location: International Centre (LeMarchant Building) 

Time: 7:30pm



Show off your voice and jam out to your favourite tunes! Hosts will be giving away lots of prizes! 

Location: Council Cambers (Second Floor, SUB) 

Time: 8:00pm 



Friday, September 8th

Capture the Flag

Join a team and work together to nab your opponent’s flag! Too easy in the day what about after dark?

How do I play Capture the Flag? 

Location: Studley Quad

Time: 7 pm


Dalhousie Harry Potter Society's 2nd Annual Horcrux Hunt!

DHPS brings the Wizarding World to Dal with the second annual Horcrux Hunt! Voldemort had hidden all of the Horcrux's on campus for a last ditch effort to defeat death. Join us on a quest to find all the horcrux's in time and help defeat the dark lord! Teams of 3-5 will venture out on campus with maps and riddles in hand and attempt to find all 7 horcrux's. The first team back wins!

Location: Council Chambers

Time: 8pm 


Sex Toy Bingo

This is your chance to play the steamiest game of Bingo there is and win some of the most scandalous prizes! This is not your grandmother’s bingo, but then again we don’t know your grandma. 

Location: RM 307, SUB

Time: 9pm-11pm


Saturday, September 9th

Community Day

Dalhousie, the CLDC, and the DSU are teaming up to put on a day of volunteerism in our community. Take some time to give back to your city that welcomes you and thousands of other students every year.

Location: Meet up at the Studley Quad

Time: All Day


Dive-In Movie with DAL After Dark 

Location: Dalplex Pool 

Time: 9pm-12am 



Sunday, September 10th

Colour Festival

Join us for the 3rd annual Halifax Colour Festival where we will play with colours and dance with music. This event is for everyone and all ages are welcome, bring your family & friends and spread love and joy! For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event.

Halifax Colour Festival is presented by Dalhousie Gujarati Student Association (DAL GSA) in partnership with Indian Subcontinental Students' Association (INDISA).

Location: Studley Quad

Time: 11am- 5pm