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The following is the list of councilors for the 2018-19 academic year. If you have concerns regarding an issue, please contact the appropriate councilor for your constituency, e.g. Management representative if you are a Management student.

If you have questions about this list, please email




Chair Chris Abraham
Secretary Julia Guk
President Aaron Prosper
Vice-President (Academic and External) Masuma Khan
Vice-President (Finance and Operations) Chantal Khoury
Vice-President (Student Life) Cory Larsen
Vice-President (Internal) Annie Shannon-Dywer
Board of Governors Representative Jeremy Ryant
Board of Governors Representative Kathleen Olds Kathleen.Olds@Dal.Ca
Aboriginal Students Community Vacant -
Black Students Community Mulenga Kasutu
International Students Community Lovepreet Singh Dhillon
LGBTQ Students Community Hannah Drake
Residence Students Community Vacant -
Students with Disabilities Community Vacant -
Women Students Community Vacant -
Faculty of Agriculture Vacant -
Faculty of Architecture and Planning Vacant -
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Fatima Beydoun
Faculty of Computer Science Vacant -
Faculty of Dentistry Vacant -
Faculty of Engineering Vacant -
Faculty of Graduate Students Laura Cutmore
Faculty of Health Professions Vacant -
Faculty of Law Laura Woodworth
Faculty of Management Catherine Van Helden
Faculty of Medicine Moyin Adesanya
Faculty of Science Sandra Sunil