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Orientation Week

Dalhousie’s Orientation Week 2019!

This September, Dalhousie will be welcoming more than 2500 new students to our campus- and what a welcome it will be! From August 31st – September 2nd, your Dalhousie Student Union is hosting an Orientation Week you’ll never forget. With events like the opening Field Party, Dalympics, Cheer-off, Concerts, amazing speakers, and more, we’ll introduce you to our campus, connect you with other students, and welcome you aboard as you kick-start your new path here at Dalhousie University!


Online Registration Closes, at 11:59pm on August 29th, 2019. After this date, you will be able to register in person at the Student Union Building in the main lobby. In-person registration will close on September 1st at 2 pm Cash, credit, debit accept at in-person registration. 

We acknowledge that our DSU O-Week comes with a fee and that this may deter students from being able to access this programming. We at the DSU believe that all our programs should be as accessible as possible and offer grants to ensure students are given greater opportunity to participate. Apply for an O-Week Grant here.


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